Know & Grow

    • Brian Brookins
    • Zoom Life Group
    • Monday @ 7:00pm
    Main Idea

     Explore the ministry of Riverside and find out how to connect with our church.

    Why Should You Attend?

    At Riverside, our desire is for you to know Jesus Christ and to grow in your relationship with God. That’s right; we deeply want you to know God.  Our study will guide you through the steps that will connect you not only to Christ and to the church, but also and very importantly to the purpose for which God designed you. As we come to know God we discover that He has tremendous redemptive purpose for each and every one of us. As wonderful as this is, it is even more amazing that as we fulfill that purpose we get to walk with God in this life!

    "We started attending Riverside the first weekend in January 2020.  We had been churchless for a year but didn't want to "shop" for a church. We waited on the Lord to direct us, knowing He would bring us exactly where He wanted us. We had church at home while we waited on Him. Come December of 2019, a friend mentioned Riverside. Out of all the churches that had been recommended, this one stood out in our minds. We watched messages online for a couple of weeks and knew in the new year we would physically check out the church. 
    During our first visit, Pastor mentioned that Know and Grow would be meeting directly after the service. We could have waited for the next session, but we knew we should attend even though we were so new. After our first session, we knew we were home and couldn't wait for the following 3 weeks. During the course of the month, we learned the heart behind Riverside and its leadership. We saw the importance of sound doctrine and the thoughtfulness of the financial aspect of the church.  Pastor Brian was so transparent and sincere in everything he was sharing. We were raised in the church, and both my husband and I both said we had never experienced anything like Know and Grow before. Had we not attended Know and Grow, we wouldn't have gotten to see the heart behind Riverside. Even though we were fairly confident that God had led us to this church, we walked out with full confidence. Questions we had wrestled with for the entire year we were unchurched were answered without Brian even knowing about it. But God knew!  We are grateful for this church and thankful we jumped in right at the start. My husband and I both joke that we wish we could attend Know and Grow repeatedly even though we are now members.
    Although COVID interrupted our first year at Riverside, we are excited to move forward and know and grow with each passing week."

    Jeremy, Nikki, and Emma McDermott