Marriage & Family

    • JP & Jacky Davey
    • Hybrid Life Group
    • Wednesdays @ 8:00pm
    Main Idea

    Marriage and family should be a source of joy, strength, confidence, and encouragement to all the members of the family. Our study is designed to help us rediscover God's design for the Life-giving Marriage and family life

    Why Should You Attend?

    Marriage and Family life is hard. Yes, we love our family, but we want to learn according to the Word of God to love in grace based boundaries and principles so that our marriages and family life reflect the grace, love and joy of Jesus Christ.

    My God is sustaining me, reminding me of his truth and promises, and giving me new direction and grace on how-to walk-in marriage.  Being able to talk openly about our marriage and the personal challenges that we experience is just so helpful. On the most obvious level, it helps my wife and me to see that we are not alone, and on a personal level, knowing that people are praying with us through this season inspires the hope of the Gospel in me. I’m so thankful for this community.

    -Godson Cherry (Group participant)