New Members Class



The purpose of Connect is summed up in its name. This class exists to connect people to Christ and his church; the universal church in general and our local church, Riverside, in particular. You might be attending Riverside as a new Christian; or maybe you’re unsure where you stand in your faith. Maybe you’ve been a Christian for years, and you want to get plugged into Riverside as a member. Regardless of where you are at spiritually, this class has been designed to speak to anyone and everyone who wants greater connection to God and his people.

The Bible describes the church in many ways. The church is a body, with each of us a part – a foot, hand, eye, ear or nose – connected together; Christ as our head. The church is a building and temple, each member connected as stones placed upon one another; Jesus as the cornerstone and foundation. In each analogy, one clear takeaway is that the church must be connected. Not just spiritually, mind you, but also functionally. None should be a stand-alone hand or foot. We can’t be isolated stones. To become the church God intends we need to be connected; first always to Christ, but then also to one another. That’s what we aim to accomplish through Connect. Six lessons have been designed to that end.

Connect Lessons

1. Connect to God
2. Connect to Mission
3. Connect to Community
4. Connect to Values
5. Connect to Stewardship
6. Connect to Serving

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