Prayer Outreach Initiatives

    • Jesse Morales & Bonnie Deering
    • Zoom Life Group
    • Thursdays @ 8:00pm
    Main Idea

    All things are possible as we pray!

    Why Should You Attend?

    Together we will pray for one another and for the Spirit of God to be continually poured out at Riverside church. We are praying and asking God to grace our community initiatives such as ALPHA, THE BRIDGE Project, LIFE GROUPS and Leadership Development. We are praying for the Riverside body, Her Finances, Digital Media and so much more! Kingdom people PRAY!

    Join us for this exciting time of fellowship and prayer!

    “I wanted to share with you how awesome God is when we meet to pray. Listening to the other group members’ prayers always builds up my faith. The Holy Spirit meets us when we pray! I look forward to our prayer times no matter how tired from the week I am!”

    -Sara Copeland