Young Adults

    • Erick & Julie Anne Vargas
    • In-Person Life Group
    • Thursdays @ 7:00pm
    Main Idea

    Facilitate discussion of the Sunday Morning Service application points.

    Why Should You Attend?

    Together we will discuss the application points from the previous Sunday morning service and how they point us to live out of the Gospel of Grace in our lives as young adults 

    Typically, when you’re leading a Life Group, the intent is to provide connectivity for members of the church.  This time around, the experience during Covid19 was uniquely and surprisingly, a bit more outreach in nature.  Several new friends have joined us that were not previously a part of Riverside.  Folks that were simply seeking community. We have had the joy of getting to know several new friends, both couples and singles over these last 5 weeks who are now eager to participate at our re-opening.”

    -Erick Vargas (Group Leader)